global POSglobal POS
global POSglobal POS
global POSglobal POS
global POSglobal POS
pdv global restaurant paymentpdv global restaurant payment
  • All-in-one POS solution for restaurants.
    Comprehensive yet cutting-edge, Global Payments’ POS solution for restaurants brings together customer ordering kiosks, mobile ordering, customer experience, loyalty programs and more. Adapted to any type of cuisine (fine, casual, fast), it simplifies the life of restaurateurs to allow them to better manage their business and make it grow, whether through table service, delivery, terminals, kitchens, counters and online services.
  • Refined hardware with a host of options.
  • Our sleek, modern and simple systems will give customers, servers and managers the durability and versatility they want. Since the setup is flexible, you can use your hardware, buy it, or even rent the following to stay ahead of the curve without
  • breaking the bank:
    Docking stations
    And much more
  • Cloud-based POS solution.
    Cloud-based POS software lets you view important information and manage your restaurant anytime, anywhere. Customers will be able to place an order as they wish. Finally, it should be noted that the system works even in the event of an Internet failure, and that all the essential functions are integrated into it.
global POS
global POS
global POS
global POS
pdv global restaurant payment

Point-of-sale system

Global Restaurant

What would you say if you could simplify your restaurant operations to focus on the quality of your food and service? Our powerful POS solutions make it possible. Adaptable, practical and extensive, they are designed specifically for restaurant owners and workers, from the small mall counters to the 5-star establishment.


  • Order at the table
  • Waiting list
  • Graphical layout of seating
  • EMV card processing
  • Advanced billing division
  • Time and traffic flow

Compatible processors

Accepted cards

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