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plan financement

Customer financing plan

Grow your business with instant financing of online and in-store purchases. Customer financing plans allow your customers to break down the cost of a purchase into monthly payments. Available with Clover and Global Payments.


  • Increase sales conversion by more than 25%
  • Increase average order value by more than 30%
  • Get more than 20% of new recurring customers

Advantages and benefits


0% risk, next day financing: we are responsible for the risks of fraud and non-payment so you don’t have to take on this responsibility.

Synonymous with trust

Fair and transparent terms: we don’t charge compound or retroactive interest nor do we hide fees in the fine prints.

Omnichannel solution

Wherever your customers are, we’re there too: in-store and online. We integrate seamlessly with all major e-commerce platforms.

Quick. Simple. Safe.

Your customers sign up securely in seconds and a decision that helps them close the sale is made in real time.

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