clover POS station
clover POS station
clover station duo POS
clover station duo POS
clover station duo POS
clover station duo POS
clover POS
clover POS
clover POS
clover station duo POS

Point-of-sale system

Clover POS

Manage your business like a pro with our fastest and most secure point-of-sale system to date, Clover Station Duo. We take smart terminals to the next level by making it easy to offer rewards, collect information, ensure order accuracy and accept just about any type of mobile payment. Quick, personalized, secure.


  • Touchscreen
  • Contactless
  • Colour screen
  • Quick transactions

Compatible processors


  • Quickbooks, MailChimp, Ecwid, Wisk, Homebase, PayBright, CAA
  • Gift cards and loyalty: DataCandy Givex, Ackroo, Loyalzoo

Accepted cards

Subscriptions available

Payments Plus

Payments Plus est le plan logiciel gratuit par défaut qui fonctionne sur n’importe quel appareil Clover. Ce plan est idéal pour les petits magasins et les entreprises qui recherchent un moyen simple d’accepter les cartes de crédit.

Register Lite

Payments Plus is the by default free software plan that works on any Clover device. This plan is ideal for small stores and businesses looking for a simple solution to accept credit cards.

Counter Service Restaurant

Get the point-of-sale system that does it all for your restaurant: contactless transactions, online ordering, real-time reports and is mobile-friendly. Keep your guests happy from order to pick up. Exclusive to Station Duo.

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